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Welcome to The Legends Baseball Website!

It's not too late to become a "Legend"!

All pictures (except for Legends players) on this website courtesy of The National Baseball Hall of Fame.




Ruth! Kellmel!

Reigning Legends' 19 MVP

Aaron! Pickering!

Reigning Legends' 30 MVP




Spring 2014 Season Champions!

Padres (30 Division) ...


...and the Hurricanes (19 Division)



Legends Baseball League is all about eliminating all the negative aspects (too competitive, time-consuming practices, tryouts, little playing time, etc.) of why you left America’s traditional pastime, and creating the environment to bring you back!  See our for why our league may be right for you!


Champion Teams!

Fall 2014 Commish Corner- Week 3!
by posted 09/05/2014

See the latest edition of the Commish Corner!




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Road to the Spring 2014 Finals!
by posted 06/01/2014

Click to see the Road to the Spring 2014 Finals below!





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