Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketball

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Legends Hall of Fame!

Inductees will have played, coached, or actively participated in Legends for at least 7 years, or participated in at least 15 seasons, and displayed outstanding integrity, camaraderie, and dedication to Legends, fellow players and coaches.  It also helps to have a championship or two, and possible MVP, but NOT mandatory!

Inaugural Class of 2016

Mike Ternisky

  • #5 (Other Famous #5s: Johnny Bench, Joe DiMaggio, Brooks Robinson)

  • GraySox, Redlegs – and famous Ponce TEAM 11 before that

  • Played First 9 seasons – Fall 2006 – retired 2010

  • Started it all in Ponce by drafting me, then came to Legends with me!

  • Famous Quote: "The ball will find you!"

  • DOC!

  • Won 2 championships



Nelson Taveras

  • #44 (Other famous 44s: HAMMERING HANK AARON! Reggie Jackson) and 24!

  • Played for Redlegs

  • Played Since 1st Season - Fall 2006 - (missed 1)

  • Grew up with Manny Ramirez (get for Redlegs?!)

  • Famous Quote: "Bobby!  You have ONE job to do!"

  • Came from Ponce

  • Commissioner for Legends Basketball

  • Won 5 championships – 10 Appearances (50% winning %)



Adam Robinson

  • #3 (Other famous #3s: BABE RUTH)

  • Played for Redlegs and BlackSox

  • Both sports – not easy!

  • Famous Quote: "Ron, whatever you need, I will help!"

  • Reffed whenever we needed

  • All-around awesome dude!



RJ Lucciotti

  • #72 (Other #72s: Carleton Fisk!)

  • Managed Padres x seasons

  • Played since Spring 2008 (4th Season)

  • Won 6 championships – tied for most! – 8 Appearances (75% winning %)

  • Famous Quote: "WAYNE, that was a strike!"